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Hello Gail. I have been most interested to read of your plans for this paper. I met with David yesterday to discuss your plans and we agreed that there is some refinement to be done to make your project manageable within the scope of this project.

The e portfolios sound like a very exciting and worthwhile way to create a community of reflective, collaborative learners in your classroom. Inclusion of parents and others sounds ambitious, but highly commendable in terms of encouraging parental engagement with their children’s learning. Think carefully about how much work will be involved in establishing and managing these.

I recommend that your practicum 2 evidence section focuses on critical analysis of a reflective diary, including evaluation of your effectiveness, the effectiveness of the professional development your have undergone in order to implement this teaching tool, reflection on the ways that your have used the feedback from your ‘communities of practice’, as well as reflections on the ways that literature has informed your work. Your analysis can be supported by anonymous examples of, and analysis of children’s work. We are likely to need category B ethics approval for this.

If your goal is “establishing a reflective learning culture and class community” then you will need to decide how you will know when a “reflective learning culture” has been achieved in your classroom. What will it look like and sound like in the classroom? What will you and the children be doing and saying (that you are not doing and saying now) that provides you with evidence of having achieved this goal? I think you need to think about some specific success criteria that will guide your evaluation of your own performance and your analysis of the children’s work.

These are some thoughts for now. You may have had a change of plan since your last communication with David. Let me know what you are thinking and we will discuss further. I am looking forward to working with you, and to reading your literature review later in May.

Kind regards
Tracy Rohan